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Cleaning out my closet (literally!); Toad stuff for sale!

Hi All --

Some of you may remember me as the former "Toad Queen." I used to own and run merch at a lot of the local Toad shows.

Back in the ’90s, I was the collector of all collectors of Toad stuff. As a teenager, I spent all of my allowances, birthday and Christmas monies trying to acquire every possible Toad item I could find. Somewhere in between going off to college and moving in with my (now) husband, all of my Toad stuff found its way into storage. Boxes upon boxes of stuff that I once adored, has been in buried in closets long forgotten about.

Now, as I look toward the future (aka: moving into a house and having kids), I realize that my Toad stuff may always remain in boxes and that my Toad posters may never see the light of day in my home ever again. As sad as it is to part with some of these items (just SOME! I am keeping a small box for myself!), I’d much rather see these items find homes where they will be loved and appreciated more than they will be in a box in the bottom of my closet in my office.

I am not trying to make a huge profit or swindle the fans. I didn’t list prices because I’m not sure who would even want them and I’m willing to bundle-sell where necessary. I didn’t put these on eBay because I wanted to offer them direct to the people who would value them the most. Some of these items were “well loved” before I received them, and I’ve noted that below. All shirts were washed after I pulled them from the closet (even though I really don’t think I’ve worn some of them).

Please email me at if you are interested. I have photos of EVERYTHING if you need them. I’m still in the editing process, but I am going to try to upload them somewhere accessible for all to view.

Please note: All items are open unless otherwise listed.

Vinyl Albums:
- Bread & Circus (opened, but possibly never used—I saw no scratches or finger prints on the album)
- Pale (colored vinyl, NEVER OPENED)

Promotional Singles:
- Jam (un-opened cassette; includes different cuts of “liars everywhere” and “hold her down”)
- Crazy Life (single track)
- Stupid (two cuts of track)
- Good Intentions (includes excerpts from Friends)
- Walk on the Ocean (two cuts of track; album/single)
- Brother (single track)
- Fly From Heaven (two cuts of track; album/early fade)
- Fall Down+ (includes 9 preceding Toad singles)
- Something’s Always Wrong—Acoustic version

- Something’s Always Wrong (includes live “Don’t Go Away” and “Corporal Brown” tracks)
- Fly From Heaven (includes live “Way Away” and “Know Me” tracks)
- All I Want (“B-side” is “All She Said”)
- Walk on the Ocean (includes radio cut of WoTO, “All in All” and album cut of WoTO)

Obscure Items:
- “Toad the Wet Sprocket Sampler”
(unopened cassette; four tracks: “hold her down”, “all I want”, ‘come back down”, “know me.” This is a very rare item.)
- Rock and Roll All Night Vol 2
(1992 fan club cassette, unopened, includes “hobbit on the rocks” and “are we afraid”)
(opened cassette that came with copies of Fear for a short amount of time; includes “jam,” “one little girl,” “scenes from a vinyl recliner,” “come back down” and “hold her down.”
- Promotion Coil album
(CD is in paper sleeve; has different artwork than regular album)
- Music Screeners Screensaver
(unopened 1995 “Fall Down” screen saver. I don’t even know if this item would work anymore, but it was very cool 11 years ago!)
- FEAR promotional stand.
This is a rare item that has fold lines and an adhesive strip so that it could be put together and set to stand on a counter to promote the cd. It’s un-used, and still in mint condition.

- 1993 (“Microcosmic”) Tour t-shirt.
White, Lee-brand, size L. Front is the “Walk on the Ocean” single (two little kids running towards the ocean), back includes the tour dates for a march/april tour that started in Oxford, Ohio and ended in Washington, DC. Please note: This shirt was “well loved” before I even got it—I am not even sure if I’ve ever even worn it! There is a small hole around the neck-line on the left-back side, but there appear to be no stains, or severe discoloration.

- Toad “Ransom” shirt (circa 1992/1993).
I always heard of this as the “ransom” shirt, because it’s rather ransom-note-like in design. This is a white, Hanes, size-L t-shirt. The back has a “face” (comprised of various elements from the Fear album; there are little butterfly wings and ladders) and includes a list of all songs Toad had released on albums up to that point. This shirt is in extremely good condition for a tour shirt that’s possibly 13/14 years old—no stains, holes and the colors are still very bright.

- HouseofToad.Com t-shirt (summer/fall of 1997).
This is a black, Hanes, size L t-shirt. The front has a shell/coil and “toad the wet sprocket,” the back has an image of the little house that used to be on the old house of toad website, along with the URL. (See for reference.) A little faded since it’s a black shirt, but otherwise a good quality.

- Orange Toad shirt (1997).
This is a white, Hanes, size L t-shirt. The front has a cute little orange Toad, and on the back the orange toad is in a dichotomy of insects, amphibians, etc. who are all in black/white. The little orange toad sticks out. This shirt is in good condition, a little faded, but no holes, stains or tears.

- Lapdog shirt (name-only).
This is a white, AllSport-brand, size L. Nothing on the back. This is just a name on a shirt. I know I’ve washed this shirt, but I don’t know if I’ve ever actually worn it.

- Lapdog shirt (logo/name).
This is a heather-gray, AllSport-brand, size L. This is a nice shirt with the Lapdog logo that the band used for a brief time period when it was first formed.

- Glen Phillips ladies-cut shirt.
This is a BRIGHT orange shirt with embroidered blue lettering (simple “glen phillips” with a box around it). It’s made by Social Awareness and there does not appear to be a size on it, but I’m going to say it runs on the Small/Medium end of the spectrum. No stains, holes or tears… The color does not look so good with my pasty complexion, so I’ve barely worn it.

- In Light Syrup era-poster (38”x 24”).
Collage of photos from the interior of ILS. Poster has holes from being hung on my wall in the late ‘90s.
- 1997 Fan Appreciation Tour poster.
This is a large (30”x 20”) colorful poster announcing the tour with openers Marcy Playground. Poster was originally sent to me folded and stuffed in a mailer, so it is not in the greatest condition, but doesn’t look too terrible.
- FEAR poster.
Imagine the cover of the Fear album enlarged to 36” x 27” on smooth, glossy paper. This is a gorgeous poster and I did my best to take good care of it (there are some holes from it’s brief stint on my wall.) It has since been lovingly rolled up and has no bumps and bruises, despite being over-sized.

- Dulcinea. Two-sided flat has album cover on the front, internal cover flower promoting Dulcinea singles (“fall down,” “something’s always wrong,” and “crowing”) on the reverse.
- P.S. (A Retrospective) Extended-Flat. In addition to the typical 12”x12” album front, it has a fold below it promoting “16 of Toad’s Greatest Hits…” Reverse has Dulcinea-era photos with “Toad the Wet Sprocket”
*** NOTE *** I have two of these, one signed and one unsigned. The signed one is just autographs, no personalization.

I also have a stack of live shows on cassette. I don't know if any of them are available in an electronic format or even where I acquired them from (a lot of my live collection were items just given to me). I don't know if they even play (they're so old and probably multi-generational)--but I'm offering the whole collection up. No cost, aside from shipping.

Again, please email me at if you are interested in items. Do excuse me if you see this in multiple places... I really want to move this stuff out as soon as possible and open up some space in my home!

- bcm
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